Bearing Lube

100% Full Synthetic Bearing Lube
Penetrates bearings for Maximum Protection
Ultra Low Viscosity
Corrosion Protection
1 oz Bottle
Item Number 0270-A
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Ardent Reel Butter® Bearing Lube utilizes the latest in lubrication engineering technology. It penetrates deep into ball bearings and roller bearings for a complete flush of dirt and foreign debris, as well as thorough lubrication. Unlike graphite-based lubrication, Reel Butter® Bearing Lube does not contain tiny graphite particles that contribute to bearing noise and performance issues. Reel Butter® Bearing Lube provides maximum lubrication and corrosion protection for all bearing applications.


Sunday, 28 March 2021
Just what the Doctor ordered. Keep them bearings in tip top condition! Just another product, Ardent added, to it's awesome line of products.
Christopher Russell
Tuesday, 17 April 2018
OMG! This stuff is the truth. Just what the doctor ordered. Another fine product.