Apex Tournament

Ardent Apex Tournament Baitcaster
APEX Tournament - AA65RBC

6.5:1 Gear Ratio
Aluminum Frame
8+1 Bearing System
270 Degree Magnetic Brake
6061 Aluminum Spool
Buy It Now Price: $129.99
Ardent Apex Tournament Baitcaster
Ardent Apex Tournament Baitcaster
Ardent Apex Tournament Baitcaster
Ardent Apex Tournament Baitcaster
Ardent Apex Tournament Baitcaster

Not every competitive angler can load a casting deck with $400 reels. Those who seek high performance without the high price tag will find a great casting partner in the Ardent Apex Tournament Baitcast Reel. Priced under $120, the Apex Tournament brings the pro-level features Ardent reels are known for - to help you get the most out of your time on the water. The feature list includes Ardent's super-lightweight, high-strength aluminum frame; deep V6061 T6 machined aluminum spool, and a quality 8+1 ball-bearing system complemented by an externally adjustable 270-degree Mag brake. Extra details such as an extra-long, swept-back aluminum handle and swept-back forged aluminum drag star enhance the compact footprint of this well-designed reel, for great handling at the point of attack. Versatile 6.5:1 gear ratio.

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Monday, 27 June 2022
Great value great smooth reel and light
Jeff Hamilton
Monday, 28 March 2022
Bought this reel for shallow water cranking and have been impressed with the casting distance. The reel is smooth lightweight and tight. Try one U won’t be disappointed.
Thursday, 23 July 2020
Excellent reel!!! I have been using these to crank for a little while now and I love them. The low profile design and being so lightweight makes a big difference. Highly recommend especially for the price!
Bryan J Ellis
Sunday, 09 February 2020
Outstanding reel and a very affordable price! You are going to have a very difficult time finding a reel to out perform the Apex Tournament in the same price range. Used one all last summer tossin frogs around and flipping heavy mats no flaws ever out of this reel. Smooth drag easy castability Make this a no brainer for your next combo.
Cody shepherd
Wednesday, 05 February 2020
It would be very hard to find a reel in this price range that would come close to the smoothness and ease of the Apex Tournament.
Brandon Long
Saturday, 25 January 2020
I love how smooth this thing cast ! And you can throw it a mile .
Corey Beane
Monday, 20 January 2020
This is a Very smooth reel, light weight and cast with ease! I would definitely recommend this reel.
Saturday, 26 October 2019
I have two that I use for Spinnerbaits and vibrating jigs and they are perfect for these applications.
Brian White
Monday, 15 April 2019
This reel has excellent performance it is great for spinner bait, Jig, and crankbait fishing, it is light weight and has very smooth action and a Great warranty standing behind it. Pro Staff Curtis Laster
Curtis Laster
Saturday, 16 March 2019
Awesome reel and customer service!!
Jerry Tonnar
Friday, 08 March 2019
I have fished every reel made and this reel out performs all the $300.00+ reels I have owned. I will never use any other reel made.
Frankie Ingram
Monday, 18 February 2019
Very smooth reel. Great quality and casting ability is phenomenal. I love this reel.
Thursday, 14 February 2019
Best bait caster I’ve used! Smooth and strong!! I’m hard to please, but I must say I’m impressed!
Jonathan Yancey
Thursday, 23 August 2018
Hard to beat the quality you get for the price! Smoothest casting reel I've used thus far. I've been impressed to say the least.
Cody Melton
Tuesday, 03 July 2018
My favorite reel by far! Fishing tournaments year long, they definitely hold up through all the wear and tear
Tyler Thompson
Tuesday, 05 June 2018
I own several of these reels and absolutely love them. Best bang for the buck!!
Kelly Callaway
Thursday, 24 May 2018
For Performance & Value this reel is great! Cast & retrieves extremely well. As a FLW & TBF angler I can have multiple set ups at a reasonable cost.
Tuesday, 17 April 2018
Awesome reel. You can't beat it for the price. Light weight, cast a mile, and has great stopping power for those lunker's. Highly recommend this reel
Patrick Kranz
Friday, 13 April 2018
This is my reel ,I go to when I'm going back in the creeks fishing out of a canoe. You know your going get it submerged.
It has all the smooth features as its big brother the apex elite, yet it is more in the budget when you flip the canoe In deep water an can not retrieve your reel.
Todd Grubbs
Friday, 23 March 2018
Used this reel for many tournaments during the 2017 season and for fun fishing. Can't believe how smooth and quite it is after many many hours fishing with it. Best reel I have ever used hands down.
Greg Alexander
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
This is a reel that is wallet friendly and is top notch quality, you can't beat it. Very light and casts amazing. If you are looking for a great reel for an amazing price pick one of these up, you will not be dissatisfied!
Monday, 26 February 2018
The Apex Tournament is a great all purpose reel. Tough enough for 65# braid in the thick stuff and smooth casting for the finesse baits. You won't find a better reel for the money!
Tom Ayars
Wednesday, 24 January 2018
The Apex Tournament is one wicked reel. You cant beat it for the cost which is super easy on the wallet and it casts a mile and super smooth. Best bang for your $$$$. Highly recommend!
Dylan Adams
Friday, 05 January 2018
Great quality reel! I have 3 of them and use them all the time on all my bait casters, never had any issues!
Friday, 22 December 2017
I used to fish with pro qualifier baitcaster because I could pick them up at the spring classic for under $75... After picking one of these up, I haven't looked back. Super smooth, easy to cast, no backlash issues... Awesome reel for the $
Bradley Raines
Thursday, 07 December 2017
The Apex Tournament is great reel for the angler that is just getting started or the veteran weekend warrior. It performs as well as some of the higher prices reels. A great reel at a great value.
Christopher Brown
Sunday, 19 November 2017
casts as well, if not better than more expensive reels.
ken cecil
Monday, 06 November 2017
High performance that everyone can afford!
Nathan Riley
Monday, 06 November 2017
I have two of these reels I use for my spinner bait rods love them. Cast great and is very smooth.
Saturday, 04 November 2017
Top notch on this reel, for under $120.00 it's the most dependable reel on the market.
Tyler Naufel
Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Caught my new PB the first day on the water with this reel. Like all Ardent reels the casting ability is unreal. The control I had over this fish was something I was not used to fishing similar priced reels. But price point on this reel with the performance it has is hands down the best on the market.
Cory McCullough
Thursday, 12 October 2017
For the money this reel is har to beat! Casts great, feels great, and has no problem working big fish in heavy cover... Very good value
Tuesday, 10 October 2017
Top quality reel for the money.Works great for a swim jig reel.
John O'Farrell
Monday, 09 October 2017
Combine this reel with the Ardent Gliss line and you have the smoothest and longest casting setup on the market. I am very hard on my reels and these take a beating and keep getting fish to the boat.
John Cook
Friday, 22 September 2017
This real screams quality from top top to bottom. Solid, light, and casts a mile. These are my go to reel for top water and crank baits.
Mark VanMeter
Tuesday, 19 September 2017
I have owned this reel for 4 years was one of my first baitcaster I ever purchased, been a great reel have put it through alot of abuse and works awesome
Nick Brehm
Wednesday, 12 July 2017
Fantastic reel for the money! Light, smooth, and powerful! I can throw a buzzbait and spinnerbait a mile which comes in handy from the kayak or from shore! the drag is also versital enough to throw light swimbaits and plastics a good distance or skip them under trees as well! You can't go wrong liking your boat deck with several of these!
Sunday, 19 February 2017
For the price this reel is amazing. Smooth, fast, and will cast a mile. If you want to try to good low price reel start with this one. I got me three of them.
Mark Anthony Clifton
Friday, 17 February 2017
A great reel for any type of angler i've used mine for soft plastics as well as crank baits, it casts amazing..
john wester jr
Wednesday, 08 February 2017
the workhouse in my arsenal. With 8 + 1 ball bearings, this is a professional grade reel at a novice price
nick kelley
Saturday, 31 December 2016
Love this reel! I have it on a kistler crankin rod and it casts my crankbaits with ease. One of the best reels in my arsenal.
Friday, 18 November 2016
Love this reel! Very smooth casting and reeling. Had no problem reeling in a few 5 pounders the first day out with it either! Im using mine for cranking but may get a couple more for pitching/flipping. Highly reccomended!
James Holmes
Monday, 14 November 2016
Hands down the smoothest reel I own. Can cast far, with the lightest lures. Even my expensive reels can't do that!
Tuesday, 19 July 2016
These reels are amazing for the money definitely the best option for a reel at 100 dollars, I have a couple of the lews speed spools and they don't come close to the quality this real!
Hunter Wright
Wednesday, 15 June 2016
My new favorite shallow crank reel!
Adam Mundy
Thursday, 05 May 2016
Awesome product, Lightweight and can cast a mile. I use this reel on my shakeyhead rod. Can not wait to put more ardent product on my deck.
shawn copelin
Wednesday, 27 April 2016
Great reel, these have been my workhorse reels. Light weight and smooth.
Mike Oshann
Monday, 29 February 2016
Great quality with a super nice feel to it. Casts like a champ and reels extra smooth.
Harlan Giordano
Saturday, 05 December 2015
The absolute best reels on the market for the money. It's gear ratio is a great all around speed. The light low profile reel fits perfectly in my hand. I can fish all day with out fatigue. Thanks Ardent.
john f causey
Tuesday, 15 September 2015
Great Reel! Love it!
Ben Edwards