Arrow Flipping Reel - 7.0:1 RH

3 year Warranty
Helical Brass Gear
High strength frame
7.0:1 gear ratio
Strike Saver Drag System
Forged Aluminum Handle
7.8 oz.
5+1 precision ball bearings
Buy It Now Price: $64.99


Combining the proven performance of the Ardent Arrow with an innovative flipping-specific design, the Ardent Arrow Flipping Reel utilizes a range of unique features to achieve a true advantage on the water. Lubricated with Ardent’s Reel Butter for smooth operation right out of the package, the Ardent Arrow Flipping Casting Reel features a narrowed spool and a fixed line guide, which works to improve casting accuracy with short, repetitive casts.

Backed by Ardent’ Strike Saver Drag system and a helical brass gearing, the Ardent Arrow Flipping Casting Reel delivers true tournament-grade performance paired unrivaled dependability. Fitted with a forged aluminum handle for increased leverage, the Ardent Arrow Flipping Casting Reel provides application-specific design that sets the standard for flipping and pitching.


Friday, 28 January 2022
A great value and a BEAST of a reel for close range battle, smooth and strong.
Mark Zacher
Sunday, 19 May 2019
Out of all the other reels I’ve ordered, this one has been hands down the smoothest one yet! Absolutely love it!!
Daron Goyne
Tuesday, 16 April 2019
Bought one of these when they were in a combo. Reel is bulkier than the Brauer reel but for the price point it works fine.
Brandon Garrett
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