Boomerang Long SNIP


• Premier Fishing Line Cutter
• Longer Blades for Trimming Flies Easily
• Easily Cuts Braided, Fluoro, and Mono Lines
• 36" Long Reach with Nylon Tether and Carabiner
• Integrated Safety Mechanism
• 400 Series Stainless Steel Cutter and Blades
Buy It Now Price: $15.49


Add the Long Snip line cutters to your list of essential fly fishing equipment. With long cutting blades, the Long Snip is perfect for trimming braided fly lines, leaders, tippets, and tag ends for flies. 

The stainless steel serrated blades cut clean and precise through mono, fluoro, and braided fishing lines. With the built-on carabiner, clip it to your jacket, vest or hip so it's always handy and never lost. 

Snip the fishing line and let it go, the built-in tether retracts back into place until you need it again worry free. 

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