BOAT-D-FUNK 32 oz Bottle

Cleans your boat and many other things:
Removes mold and mildew
Removes even the nastiest odors
Removes fish and game smells
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Safely remove odors and keep your boat smelling fresh with Ardent Boat D-Funk Spray. Made with no harsh chemicals and safe to use on fiberglass, carpet, chrome, and much more, the Ardent Boat D-Funk Spray features Ardent’s exclusive Double Down Technology, which neutralizes and counteracts odors at a molecular level. 

Ardent Boat D-Funk Spray is also environmentally friendly so anglers can safely clean livewells and bait tanks without having to worry about causing harm to fish. Available in an easy-to-use spray bottle, the Ardent Boat D-Funk Spray is the easiest and safest way to kill the stink on your boat. 


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