Evolution 4-Latch 3700 Tackle Tray - 2 Pack


● Strong, durable plastic construction
● Customizable compartments can range from 6 to 21
● Watertight seal keeps moisture out
● Four latch clips for a tight, secured closure
● Buoyant, will float in water
● Quantity: 2 Pack
Buy It Now Price: $19.99


Make your fishing expedition a great experience with our Evolution Fishing lineup.

Our durable tackle 3700 trays not only look fantastic but also have water tight seal that will keep the moisture out. The 4 rugged latches will make sure your contents stay safe and secure in the tackle box & these tackle tray boxes will float in water. Store all your bait in one very convenient place while you enjoy your fishing adventure.

Jay Stiklickas
Tuesday, 15 September 2020
Picked up a few of these boxes. Had them now for most of the season. No problems with the latches or hinges. They hold a lot of weight and are definitely durable. I will be buying more!


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