Evolution Drift Series 3700 Tackle Trays

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● Durable 3700 tackle tray
● Colorful compartments
● Clear lid for easy organization
● Two latch closure
● Quantity: 1
Buy It Now Price: $7.99


Make your fishing expedition a great experience with our Evolution Fishing lineup.

Color code and organize your tackle with these trays so you can get to the right tray quickly while you're on your fishing adventure. Store all your bait in one very convenient place. The marbled colors also give these trays an awesome water camo look. Get your trays now. These Evolution Fishing Drift Series Tackle Trays will go great with our 3700 Tackle Bags.

Larry Wilson
Thursday, 05 March 2020
If your looking for a quality box at a great price then look no further. I really like the fact i can glance down and know im grabbing the rite box.


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