HUNTER’S KLOAK® Kloak Mister Pro

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A Kloak Mister for the no non-scents pro, the Kloak Mister PRO by Hunter’s Kloak® is for the hunter who knows what scents they need for the hunt. The PRO is made to be no-fuss with it’s simple, straight-forward look. It’s reusable and rechargeable – it’s just ready to go.

The water-resistant Kloak Mister PRO is formed out of black TPU plastic with the embossed kloak figure contoured for extra grip. Controls feature a raised rubber-coated power button and delay selection button, visible power and setting lights that auto dim to avoid visual detection, slide-latch for the cartridge door, and a see-through window to view the content level of the scent cartridge inside.

It’s lightweight and compact, designed to use scent cartridges that each employ a proprietary cotton wick that carries the scent to an ultrasonic transducer. The transducer converts the scent to a micro-fine mist, emitting it into the air at intervals selected by the hunter. The atomized mist is naturally carried downwind, broadcasting the scent for long-range attraction or cover-up. The 2.5-ounce cartridges are mess-free, easy to install, and are interchangeable while on the hunt.

Simple to use operation. Select one of the available time delay intervals of 6, 9, or 15 seconds. The intervals can be easily customized to the conditions of the area being hunted and the scent cartridge being used. Use the provided USB cable to recharge the mister. The average battery life of a fully-charged battery is approximately 8 hours with a recharge rate of 4.5 to 5 hours to full charge. Each of the Hunter’s Kloak® scent cartridges last approximately 4.5 hours. The unit is operable at temperatures as low as 28°F (-3°C).

The system comes with a USB cable for battery charging, and a lanyard for conveniently carrying or hanging the unit from a stand or tree limb.

The compact, lightweight Kloak Mister PRO delivers a powerful advantage to any hunter by offering guaranteed fresh scent at timed intervals throughout the entire hunt. Whether using it for concealment or luring deer, hogs or bear to your area and keeping them in range longer, the mister raises the odds of a successful harvest.


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