Gliss - 24 pound test

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Available in 3 colors and 5 weights
• Record Casting Distance
• Ultimate Sensitivity
• Superior Line Management
• Thinner than Braid
• Comparable Strength to Braid
• Great for Ice Fishing
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Gliss is a new 4th form of fishing line that is produced by a breakthrough extrusion process of high modulus polyethylene fibers. Gliss has qualities of both monofilament and braid. Gliss has zero stretch and the lowest diameter to breaking strength of any line. .010 diameter Gliss equals 4kg/8lb strength.

PRO ANGLER TESTING & COMMENTS: After a very successful intro by WFT in Europe, Gliss has been extensively tested in North America. Testing has been performed by bass elite and FLW tour anglers in addition to saltwater and freshwater professional guides.

“I caught fish with Gliss that I could not have caught with other line due to its incredible sensitivity.

Softness of Gliss produces superior castiblity resulting in increased distance I don’t get with braid

Gliss is the easiest line I’ve ever fished because it has zero line twist

When dropshotting, I can get down faster due to it’s small diameter and cuts right through the water.

Gliss is much thinner than typical braid which allows leaders to be tied with out hanging up in the micro guides of bass rods.

I’ve been a pro for 20 years and haven’t purchased 1 spool of line but I will buy Gliss and compete with it. “


Sunday, 23 May 2021
I love this line! It is without doubt THE thinnest line I’ve ever used. It’s also slick as snot which lets you cast it long distances. Different lines have different uses. This line is not to be used in the nasty stuff. For that I use a 4 strand braid like Daiwa J braid. It does have a tendency to fray if you do. Under normal finesse fishing conditions is where this line shines. It’s also not a line you can tie on and not re-tie for a whole season. I trim back a few feet after each outing just like I do with mono or fluoro. I don’t have any problems with it breaking and this has been my main line on my spinning reels for the past two seasons. As long as you buy it with these expectations you won’t be disappointed. If you expect it to perform like Power Pro 4 strand, you’ll be disappointed. It’s not that kind of line.
Todd Williams
Sunday, 09 February 2020
If all your looking to do is win a casting contest, look no farther this stuff casts a mile. Don’t plan on being able to land any fish or tieing on your favorite lure though terrible durability! Tried it in 18lb and 24lb both with the same outcome.
Cody shepherd
Thursday, 18 April 2019
Smoothness and cast ability is a 5.... but durability and strength.... DEFINITELY A 1 and I wish I could go lower... I’ve lost 3 lures on it and possibly my PB on it... ?
Jonathan Yancey
Thursday, 06 September 2018
Put it on 3 reels and after two times out I pulled it off all 3. Yea it casts great but what good is it when u cast and loose a $12 lure? I’ll answer that it stinks. Good thing the line floated so I got the lure back. Yes I got fish on it but the line took a beating for sure. It was cut up in 5 spots and I spent more tire tying on then fishing.
Michael Korbel
Monday, 27 November 2017
Smoothness I give it a 5 star rating. Durability I give it a 1 star rating. This line continuously snaps on me. When casting after you set the hook it bites down on itself and will cut itself. I have lost to many lures and fish because it keeps breaking.

Thinking this line is only for spinning reals only. Dont use on baitcasters you will have problems with it.
James W williams
Thursday, 23 November 2017
I have used three weights of Gliss line (#8, #18, #24) over the course of the summer and found its performance sub-par. While it is true that it does not cut into itself on the reel spool like braid and it has good tensile strength, the cons outweigh the pros in my opinion. The Gliss fibres seem very brittle and fray very easily. After just a few hours of fishing you will notice numerous frays starting to form especially around high rub areas like leader knots. Additionally, while I can tie several different leader knots with braid and have no issues, the only knot I found for leaders with Gliss is the FG knot. Uni to Uni, the blood knot and others all cut the Gliss and cause it to break. This did slightly differ on line weight, but in my case I was tying #18 Gliss to 12lb Fluoro, or #24 Gliss to 12lb Fluoro/20lb Mono, and #8 Gliss to 8-10lb Fluoro. In each of these cases after I caught a fish I would need to retie my leader knot, otherwise on the next set it would fail. I also found that it does not handle line twist well. Because it is supple line twist mixed with a little wind can very shortly turn into massive knots.
I do appreciate how supple Gliss is, as well as the colour choices that do not fade. It might work well on Ice fishing setups for pan fish because it drops off the spool nice and does not absorb as much water, but next year I will switch all my spinning reels back to braid and straight fluorocarbon.
Darren Hoogendoorn
Sunday, 22 October 2017
Switching all my reels to Gliss!! So smooth and very visable in low light conditions!!
Thursday, 03 November 2016
I'm impressed! The handling and sensitivity on this line is unreal! Very versatile too! Definitely holds a spot in my arsenal from here on! Highly recommend trying it.
Monday, 10 October 2016
the 24# has been excellent at casting spoons or cranks far distances. The thin diameter gets deep divers down faster and easier. combines the best features from all the other types of lines into one incredible product
Tuesday, 01 December 2015
Awesome line casts like no other line and is very strong small diameter is really great in clear water. Knot strength is also very good I use either a triple polymer or San Diego jam knot.
Joe Armold