Ardent is looking for tournament anglers and guides in the U.S. and Canada to add to our Pro Staff program. Apply today and take advantage of the incredible benefits including:
1. Deep Discounts on all Ardent products
2. Spending rewards, including:
- BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One) rewards for rods & reels
- Gift certificates towards apparel, headwear and decals
3. Access to Special Pro-Staff-Only Sales & Promotions
4. Referral Rewards Program

Join Team Ardent Form


By submitting this application I agree to the following

  • I agree to use Ardent products with the objective of increasing Ardent sales.
  • I agree to affix to my tournament apparel the Ardent brand logo in a prominent position on my tournament shirt.
  • I agree to affix an Ardent vehicle decal to my tow vehicle in a prominent position.
  • I agree to affix an Ardent decal to my tournament boat in a prominent position.
  • I agree that I will not accept sponsorship from any other reel manufacturing company.
  • I agree that I will include Ardent in any press opportunity.  I also agree to provide regularly, copies of articles, or photos of myself promoting Ardent and myself as a Team Ardent Member.  I understand these items may be used for promotion by Ardent.
  • I agree to provide Ardent upon request, sales support at my Team Ardent Key Account Dealers.
  • I agree to provide Ardent the right to use my name and likeness on and other Ardent media pages.  
  • I understand that the Team Ardent program is confidential and I agree that I will not share information about the program to any one that is not a Team Ardent member.