Odin's Synthetic Apple Scent Beads

Synthetic Dominant Buck Time Release Scent Beads
Effective For Up To 30 Days
Great In Scrapes
4 oz. Bag
Buy It Now Price: $14.99

Apple Scent is a game-changer for productive and effective management of your hunting space. With its leading, long-lasting characteristics, you only need to refresh monthly. It remains effective longer as deer or other pesky varmints refuse to eat it. It also attracts hogs, bear and other game with the irresistible scent of familiar food – putting them at ease.

It’s your choice. You can carry in big bags of food every week, spooking potential trophies with your human scent, or simply use our lure scents once a month.

Our simple-to-use, time-release scent beads increase your chances for a successful hunt and are friendly to the environment. They are made using a proprietary formula of biodegradable, natural polymers that are infused with a high quality scent. The wood fibers used give the beads a natural color and texture - providing camoflage in the field.

Our unique technology retains scent over an extended perriod of time - allowing scent to release for up to 30 days. Even heavy dew and rain will not wash the scent away.

Select your target area, tear open the packet and sprinkle the infused scent beads evenly across an area approximately 5'x5'.


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