Smarter Cull

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• #1 Rated Fish Conservation Culling system!
• Smart Cull System & Smart Clips together in one package
• Eliminates the piercing of fish for tournament culling.
• Less potential stress, injury and disease to culled fish, extending life.
• Culling balls with locking pounds and ounce selectors
• No charts, cards, or markers to lose or replace
• Compatible with livewell additives
• Durable clip and cable with protective coating
• Large numbers to indentify weight quickly
• Reduce fish stress by weighing only once
• PN 8535-A
• SKU 817227016932
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SmarterCullTM, the #1 Rated Fish Conservation Culling System, combines the Ardent SmartCull Culling System and Smart Clips into one convenient package and features Ardent's industry-best 6-ball 2-stage culling balls with non-piercing Smart Clips minimizing the risk of injury and infection to fish, increasing their survival rate.

Making culling safer and easier, the Ardent Smarter Cull helps anglers protect the health of fish and eliminate the hassles of culling fish during tournament situations. Starting at one end, the Ardent Smarter Cull features Ardent’s puncture free Smart Clip design, which snaps onto the lower jaw of fish without piercing any holes in their mouth that can lead to infection or permanent damage. The clips are then linked with high strength PVC cables and connected to Ardent’s two stage culling balls that allow anglers to cull by color and specific weight, making culling quick and simple for once. Not more markers or charts to write down the weight of ever fish or trying to use culling beams to determine minute weight differences. Each culling ball is a different color for quick selection and also features large, easy-to-read Locking Pound & Ounce Selectors (up to 15lbs, 15oz.). Reduce fish stress and only weigh fish one time with the Ardent Smarter Cull.


Thursday, 10 June 2021
Excellent way to keep livewell organization! Highly recommend!!
Bryan J Ellis
Friday, 30 April 2021
Excellent for keeping track of fish
Tracy Rich
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