Summit Hawk Baitcasting Reel

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High Strength Aluminum frame
270 Degree Magnetic Brake System
15lb. Drag
6061 T6 machined aluminum spool
Swept back anodized aluminum handle
EVA grip knobs on handle
Strike Saver Drag System
10+1 Ball Bearing
Swept back forged aluminum star drag
Weight: 6.9 oz
Buy It Now Price: $229.99
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Our new flagship series of reels, the Ardent Summit Hawk Casting Reels, deliver serious hawg-stopping power in a lightweight aluminum package. Featuring an aluminum frame complemented by an eye-catching brushed aluminum look, the reels further reduce unnecessary weight by incorporating a 6061-T6 aluminum spool design and an aluminum swept back handle complete with grip-enhancing EVA knobs.

The airy and elegant external components are delightfully contrasted by heavy-hitting internal muscle to give you the advantage over your lake’s biggest bass. Boasting a fish-turning 15 pounds of max drag, there is no beast this reel can’t tangle with and come out victorious. In addition to its dynamic performance, the Summit Hawk Casting Reel also delivers ultra-smooth operation thanks in part to its premium 10+1 bearing system. Delivering monster-taming performance in a sleek package, the Ardent Summit Hawk Casting Reels are the ideal tool to help you secure victory on tournament day.


Monday, 20 March 2023
Now having owned and using this reel for a few years, I am pretty pleased with the quality, the weight, the size and the absolutely amazing smoothness of this reel… It is as smooth as my Original XS and XS1000 reels, which is a major selling point of Ardent Reels…. I gave it 4 Star because I have found the casting/centrifugal brake to be inconsistent especially when I compare it to the XS, XS1000 and Apex Grande… The brake just doesn’t act the same cast after cast similar to Garcia 4600 reel than Ardent… Again, mine is an early model so I would expect newer ones to act better…
John R. Petrea
Wednesday, 15 June 2022
I finally really used this reel last week, very impressive, casts a country mile, super smooth, and feels really good in your hand, highly recommend this reel.
Mark Zacher
Thursday, 19 May 2022
This reel is amazing it is so smooth and easy to set up I love it
justin striplin
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