ZBones Headphones

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Bone-Conduction Wireless Headphones
Bluetooth Pairing Version: 5.0
Pairing Range: Approx 30ft
Battery Life - Continuous Play: +/- 6-hours
Battery Life - Stand-by: Approx 7-days
Number of Devices that Can Be Paired: 2
Buy It Now Price: $99.95
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ZBones are wireless, Bluetooth, bone conduction headphones that allow the user to listen to their preferred audio entertainment while maintaining environmental awareness.

Designed with YOU In Mind

ZBones wireless, bluetooth, bone conduction headphones have been developed to provide you with a quality stereo-sound listening experience. ZBones are ideal for your active or relaxed lifestyle and are ergonomically designed for user-friendly functionality, long-term comfort, wearability and safety. They can't fall out, they won't fall off, and they don't hurt! When paired with your smartphone, ZBones can deliver up to 6-hours* of continuous listening of your preferred streaming audio content. And with its built-in microphone, ZBones offers a hands-free, clear-sound, phone call experience. Flexible, lightweight, yet durable, ZBones can stand up to the rigors of intense workouts during hot summer months or provide a "barely there" feeling while early morning fishing in your favorite cove. Order your pair today, risk-free**, and experience ZBones with YOUR lifestyle in mind.

**Based on a full two-hour charge. 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back, satisfaction guarantee, along with free return shipping.

Bone Conduction Hearing Technology

Normal human hearing occurs when sound vibrations are transmitted through the air and with the assistance of our outer ears, travel into the ear canal (air conduction) and are captured by the eardrums and sent on to the inner ear complex for interpretation by the brain.

When wearing ZBones, the headphone speakers rest gently atop the cheekbones and the sound vibrations emitted from the speakers are captured by the cheekbones (bone conduction) and travel directly to the inner ear complex and on to the brain for interpretation. In essence, the cheekbones become a second-set of eardrums, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from two different sources while existing in the same environment.

‚ÄčWhether listening to music or talking on the phone, ZBones allows you to hear sounds around you; people, vehicles, emergency sirens, etc., providing you with increased safety.

1-year product replacement warranty, on product defects. Prior to replacement, ZBones will provide assistance in troubleshooting in an effort to solve an issue, if possible.

For product questions or warranty claims, please visit https://zbonesheadphones.com/pages/faq


Thursday, 25 June 2020
I haven't used a lot of head phones but I'm very happy with these and don't have a problem even wearing them with my Glasses Tight Lines
Richard Elliott Jr
Wednesday, 17 June 2020
These are awesome The best headphones that I have ever used Very Comfortable and great sound
David R Rice
Friday, 08 May 2020
Very comfortable and great sound.
Brian Higginbotham
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