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Apex Flipping Reel

High Strength Aluminum frame
Helical Aircraft Aluminum Gear
Carbon Fiber swept back handle
EVA grip knobs on handle
11 lb. Strike Saver Drag System
10+1 High Precision Ball Bearings
Swept back forge aluminum star drag
Weight: 5.9 oz
Base price $149.99
Sales price $149.99


The Apex Flipping Reel is the only reel specifically engineered for flipping. Designed by #2 all-time B.A.S.S. Elite money winner and King of Flipping Denny Brauer, its ergonomic frame shape minimizes hand discomfort and maximizes efficiency. Its total reel weight of 5.9 ounces reduces arm and shoulder fatigue, and its thin arbor spool and nose design improve flipping accuracy and eliminate the need for a level wind mechanism. The aluminum frame and carbon fiber handle provide strength with reduced weight. 11 lbs. of drag combined with 10 plus 1 ball bearings and 6.5:1 gearing deliver strong close range retrieves.


Thursday, 03 August 2017
I had my reservations about these being a 6 speed reel. But let me tell you, being a lower gear ratio means you have more winching power to pull those BIGGINS out of nasty cover like punching mats or standing timber. The nose cone really does make pitching effortless with much less resistance coming from the worm drive and line guide. I normally use 8 speed reels for punching, but think about it like this: you're flipping into something very close to the boat. You jack them, then with a few cranks of the handle the fish is in the boat. Done. Head turned, game over!
Evan Layne
Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Ok, thank you Ardent for the Apex lefty flipping reel you have come out with. Now I have question, it was said that on line at the icast 2017 video that I can pre-order a new left handed reel at Tackle Warehouse but they have no information about it to pre-order?
Boyd Haynes
Saturday, 15 July 2017
I love this reel. Drag doesn't slip and it is very smooth. Saves a ton of $$ on line too.
Brent McNeal
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